Personal consultations with me are now available: let’s talk soon!

I give technical filmmaking consultations on Skype, by telephone or in person.

For longer engagements, I am also able to travel to clients.

The areas in which I can be of greatest assistance are the following:


Editing is the area in which my help is most frequently sought.

I can help with:

– Solving specific issues with one or more sequences.

– Detailed feedback on rough cuts (with timecode-specific recommendations).

Shot lists / camerawork

I am frequently asked for an opinion on shot lists: for example, whether there are any omissions, or how to improve it with high-value shots without adding a penny to your budget.

I can give detailed advice on which lenses to use in your project (and why), and can provide caveats on practical issues that may arise on your shoot.


If my 10-Element Screenplay Blueprint is not enough for you and you need a second opinion, I can read your script and offer detailed feedback on how to enhance its mainstream appeal (something I have worked on with monomaniacal intensity for over a decade).

How it works

I can consult on Skype, by telephone, in person and/or in writing, depending on your requirements.

To get started, please submit brief details of your requirements by email and I will get back to you.

If your request does not involve editing, camerawork or script issues, I will give you a dispassionate opinion on whether I can help you.


My rate is $90/hour. I can sometimes offer discounts for bulk orders and other special circumstances.

3 Good Reasons to Talk to Me

1. I have been working like a maniac on honing my directing, editing, camerawork and screenwriting skills over the past 10+ years.

2. I have professional teaching experience and strong verbal communication skills, which means I can share complex ideas with you quickly and smoothly.

3. I can make a tangible difference to your project with as little as 2 or 3 hours (including my prep time).

To get started, and tell me how I can help you.

I look forward to working with you!