James Cameron and Steven Spielberg direct the best battle scenes

James Cameron is a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci — a genius in the truest sense of the term.

James Cameron and Stephen Spielberg are the only directors on this planet who are able to direct a battle scene that actually makes sense, as opposed to being dull and pointless.

Every other director — including one who has a particular penchant for explosions and spectacle — simply takes the approach of shooting random mayhem and explosions from many angles and then leaving it to the unfortunate film editor to cobble together a half-decent battle scene.

With James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, it is a totally different story. These two directors do not just shoot random mayhem; their battle scenes are coherent, meaningful and very easy to follow. Battle scenes directed by these two directors are truly riveting, and contrast sharply with the battle scenes of all other directors, which are tedious, pointless and ultimately nothing more than a big load of flaming nonsense.

James Cameron recently re-confirmed his genius with his film Avatar, which features what could be argued to be the perfect battle scene at the end. The battle scene makes perfect sense: every round fired, every explosion, every strategic decision is easy to understand and has a clear purpose. We know exactly what is being done, by whom and WHY.

It takes a genius to achieve true simplicity and clarity. Props to James Cameron and Steven Spielberg — two modern-day geniuses in the greatest Renaissance tradition.

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  1. I actually Googled “James Cameron Leonardo Da Vinci” just to see if anyone thought the same as I did! Absolutely true! They were both innovators and contributed great amounts to their fields (and they both had a variety of fields too). Heck, Leo didn’t even make that many paintings due to that, and Cameron hasn’t really made too many films compared to others, but each one is a masterpiece!

    And yes, Cameron, Spielberg (and a limited number more) are they only ones that can direct a great action scene… not like others…cough cough Michael Bay

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